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Changing exhibitions currently on display in the Art Gallery include:

Rupy C. Tut: A Journey Back Home

Painting of a woman in a red sari giving the peace sign, background is a nighttime scene with water crashing against a cliff. Black and yellow frame around edge.On now until July 2
Art Gallery

Discover emerging American artist Rupy C. Tut's personal journey back to the real and imagined home of her childhood through which she explores ideas of displacement and identity.

The exhibition features recent paintings and drawings translating Sikh scripture, interpreting popular Punjabi stories and representing contemporary cross-cultural themes. Tut's work is particularly remarkable for her strict practice of past art forms and styles, using traditional materials and methods associated with calligraphy and Indian miniature paintings.

Image: RUPY C. TUT (American b.1985) Peace Out, Patriarchy!, 2017. Gouache on handmade hemp paper, Courtesy of the artist 

Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan
Amardeep Singh

Colour photograph of architectural ruins in PakistanOn now until July 2
Art Gallery

The partition of British India in 1947 into two states - India and Pakistan - led to the forced migration of millions of people across the two countries. The Sikhs, settled in regions now designated as Pakistan, were compelled to leave their ancestral homes and their homeland. A vast number of historic sites - sacred and secular - were abandoned.

This unique exhibition of images by Amardeep Singh examines that lost legacy. The images trace a journey across a land that saw the birth of Sikhism; and which was its heartland for four centuries.

Image: AMARDEEP SINGH (b. 1966) Gurdwara Chowa Baba Nanak, Rohtas, 2018. Courtesy of the artist

This exhibition is sponsored by the Sikh Foundation of Canada


A seated man holds up a work of art that he has createdOn now until July 22
Tunnel Gallery

With generous funding from the Community Foundations of Canada, Brampton and Caledon Community Foundation, Mississauga Community Foundation, the Region of Peel and PAMA offer Creative Expressions art workshops designed for children and adults with developmental and physical challenges. The program provides participants with confidence and a sense of pride that translates into their everyday life and their interactions with the community around them. This exhibition will showcase the amazing work created during the program.

Image: A participant from Peel Halton Acquired Brain Injury Services (PHABIS) enjoying the Creative Expressions program, 2017.