Perkins Bull Collection

William Perkins Bull wrote 13 books about Peel's history. The books have interesting titles like:

  • From Medicine Man to Medical Man (1934)
  • From Rattlesnake Hunt to Hockey (1934)
  • From Brock to Currie (1935)
  • From Hummingbird to Eagle (1936)

Portrait of William Perkins BullAlthough the books were printed in small numbers, they are available on eBay and other sites from time to time. The Archives at PAMA has a complete set.

Read the books online

Bull wrote the books over 10 years and hired researchers to work with him. They interviewed people all over Peel, and gathered information from cemeteries, churches, and newspapers. Most of the research notes are available at the Archives. 

You can read a list of the family names covered in the research notes.

Bull was born in 1870 and grew up on a farm, in what is now the City of Brampton. He became a lawyer with lots of business interests, and he travelled widely. During WW I, he set up a hospital for Canadian Officers in London, England. He died in 1946.