Book a Tour

In a PAMA private or group tour, a personal guide provides a more in-depth experience of our exhibitions and facilities. It's like a backstage pass for you and your group!

Visiting PAMA

A PAMA private tour is:

  • 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in length, depending on the tour, see type of tours below.
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Perfect for all ages
  • $75.00/tour for up to 20 people

Group and Summer Group Tours

Group rates and reservations apply for groups with 10+ children/youth. PAMA provides a one hour guided tour with a one hour interactive activity. Please call or email us for rates and details.

Consideration is given for non-profit groups with a social service mandate. Please call us for rates and availability.

Visiting PAMA
Please book tours two weeks in advance.

Private tours

  • Art Gallery private tour: may include a tour of Historic Peel County Courthouse, if available
  • Museum private tour
  • PAMA General private tour: an overview of Art Gallery, Museum and Archives
Please note: You may not be able to view all exhibitions or areas due to timing and/or prior bookings within PAMA. We may be able to accommodate special tours; rates and availability may vary.