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Changing exhibitions currently on display in the Art Gallery include:

Regarding Space: Cynthia Greig and Vid Ingelevics

A man sits in a chair in front of a wall with paintings hanging from it

On now until Sept. 30
Art Gallery

This exhibition brings together works by Cynthia Greig and Vid Ingelevics in a unique collaboration that looks at institutional spaces in which art is normally viewed. In their large-scale colour photographs, Greig and Ingelevics shift focus away from the artwork intended for our view, to the exhibition space itself. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the relationship between the artwork and the places in which it is received, as well as their own site-specific interaction with art.

Image: Cynthia Greig (American b. 1959) and Vid Ingelevics (Canadian b.1952) PAMA Intervention # 4 (Bill Barber, March 13, 1981), 2018. Vinyl print, Courtesy of the artists.

Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year

Two polar bears play during a snowstorm at the Aquarium du Québec in Quebec City. Copyright Lise SimoneauOn now until Sept. 30
Art Gallery

Explore a remarkable collection of photographs from the Ninth Edition (2016) of the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year contest, run by Canadian Geographic. Themes include Animals in Action, Watery Wildlife, Things With Wings, Little Life, and photos by young photographers. Uses these stunning images as inspiration to take your own photographs of wildlife in Peel! 

Produced by the Canadian Museum of Nature, in partnership with Canadian Geographic

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Show Your Wildlife Photographs at PAMA

Things are about to get #WildAtPAMA

If you're a wildlife photographer of any age, we want to share your captivating images of your furry, fishy, feathery and insect friends from Peel, Canada, and around the world!

If selected, your image will be shown on a "Community Contributions" digital screen at PAMA from July 19 to September 30, 2018. The screen will be adjacent to the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibition, circulated by the Canadian Museum of Nature.

If selected, each photograph will feature the image title, photographer's name, and preferred social media tag (optional). Youth photographers (under 18) will be identified as such.