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Inuit Sculpture Atrium

Art Gallery Lower LobbyA man and a woman looking at stone sculptures in a case

Explore works created by some of Canada's most creative carvers and sculptors who identify as Inuit. We encourage you to spend time with the sculptures and investigate the use of materials and techniques.  

drawn down by Carl Taçon

(Coming soon)

This sculpture by Canadian artist, Carl Taçon, was the winner of a national competition. Carl's proposal, a life-sized carving of a bed, was based on the building's history as the former Peel County Jail and is intended to "examine the idea of a bed as comfort, in contrast to the stark conditions of incarceration".

The granite for the sculpture was generously donated by A. Lacroix et Fils Granit Ltée.

.Artist Carl Tacon and crew working on the sculpture pad

The first phase of the project, a raised base made out of "Jet Mist" black granite, was completed in late 2013. The cut granite base's pattern is a distorted grid, referencing the perceived cast light and shadow from one of the historic jailhouse windows. The carved bed will be cut from "Orion" black granite.

Scale model of Drawn Down

Image: © the artist, 2020