Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions at PAMA include:

Miniatures and Calligraphy: Contemporary Paintings
by Rupy C. Tut

Rupy C. Tut, Balancing Identity  the artistApr. 7 - Jul. 2, 2018
Art Gallery

Discover Rupy C. Tut's personal stories exploring themes of displacement and identity. The exhibition investigates visual language translating Sikh scripture and famous love stories of Punjab. Tut's use of traditional methods and materials associated with Indian miniature painting and calligraphy are remarkable.

Image: Rupy C. Tut, Balancing Identity
the artist

Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan Photographs
by Amardeep Singh

Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan - Photographs by Amardeep SinghApr. 7 - Jul. 2, 2018
Art Gallery

This exhibition of photographs reflects Singapore-based Amardeep Singh's deep connection to the land of his ancestors - a connection that impelled him to travel to Pakistan in 2014 to re-trace the movement of the Sikhs eastward and to document their journey.

Space to Spoon

Looking at a model of a satellite in Space to SpoonJun. 16 - Sept. 16, 2018
Museum Main Level

What does a satellite orbiting 798 km from Earth have to do with the food on our plate? Space to Spoon highlights Space technology that benefits Canadian farmers and sustainable agriculture. 

Produced by Ingenium / the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency.

Ingenium - Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation