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The Region of Peel Archives remains closed to the public due to an ongoing major construction project affecting our records access and due to COVID-19. Research inquiry service will be impacted.

For the most up-to-date summary of our service status, please see the box below. More information on this project follows.

Current archives service status as of September 7, 2021

Onsite service access: The archives is closed to the public, projected to remain closed until 2022.

Remote inquiry service access (by email, phone):
  • Archives collections are now located in temporary or deep storage and some records are inaccessible until reopening in 2022. Thank you for your patience with delays or unavailability in regards to records retrieval.
  • At present, Archives staff is attempting to respond to inquiries submitted during the pause in service. If you have a new request, or would like to remind us of an existing one, email or phone 905-791-4055 x 3630
  • There are additional options for local history research and records, listed below this explanation of our renovations.

Why are we closed?

PAMA is starting a critical upgrade and retrofit of our collection storage facilities. This is a large-scale construction project. As plans advance, impacts on archives users are anticipated beyond those already mandated by COVID-19 measures.

This complex construction project will help to ensure the long-term preservation of the Region of Peel's records well into the future. We sincerely thank you for your patience during this process. 

What's happening?

PAMA is replacing the environmental controls systems (HVAC) that service the Museum and Archives collection storage vaults.  The new HVAC system will greatly improve our ability to preserve our collections by allowing us to control temperature, humidity levels and airflow much more efficiently.

Our collection will be temporarily relocated so that construction work can begin.  Records and shelving will be packed up and moved to a temporary storage facility for the duration of construction.  

When is it happening?

Currently we expect that packing and moving activities will start in July 2021 and end sometime in September. 
The construction project is expected to be completed sometime in 2022.

What does this mean for you?

When the collection move is underway, we will only be able to respond to urgent research requests relating to legal or humanitarian needs (see below). All other inquiry services will be suspended for as short a period as possible. This is due to records and staff being in transit, or unavailable.

Throughout the pandemic, archives staff have offered remote service. This service will resume only after the collection relocation efforts are complete.

We anticipate some delays in responding to your remote inquiries following the collection move since access to the collection will be more limited.

Our most recent update and status will always be noted at the top of this announcement. You will also receive an automatic status update when you email us at

Donations of archival records will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

How will we define urgent reference requests relating to legal or humanitarian needs?

At times we will only be able to respond to urgent research requests. Such requests will be for access to government (municipal) records that individuals or organizations may need to support time-sensitive legal processes or human welfare.

During these times, please email us at You will receive a short questionnaire which will help us to assess your needs.

When will PAMA re-open to the public?

Construction will further delay reopening of PAMA and the Archives to ensure public safety.

PAMA will begin a phased reopening in early 2022. 

Where else can you get help during this time?