Hands-On Activities

Visit the different gallery spaces at PAMA and discover hands-on activities!


  • Use a magnifying glass to discover fossils from Peel
  • Feel the difference between types of wool and try your hand at 
  • carding 
  • Read "Trail Tales with Wellington & Coco" and explore special documents
  • Create your own quilt pattern using wooden blocks
  • Explore images and maps of Peel on the Interactive Map of Peel Table
 Girl playing with blocks in a frame.


  • Read a book in this family-friendly space
  • Climb aboard the PAMA Express Train!
  • Explore a variety of games and activities

PAMA Express

 Jail Gallery

  • Visit the inside of a jail cell from the 19th century
 Girl at a jail cell

 Face of the Farmer

  • Draw a fruit or vegetable to add to the PAMA Garden
  • Try on a yoke and buckets
 Kids with sticks that hold pictures

 Moving Forward

  • Take a break and play with the toy train


 We are Here

  • Explore stories and narratives from the voices of Aboriginal people on the touch screen and phone stations
  • Explore Indigenous games, build a foam Inuksuk and try on snow goggles 
  • Take some time to read a book in the Teaching Lodge
  • Find your Spirit Animal and add to the message board with a personalized comment
 Girl listens to a corded phone