Stories of Home: Finding Community and Belonging in Peel

March 2023

“Home is the dichotomy of both place and feeling---an arrival of sorts. For me, it is autonomy in comfort, familiarity, a sense of belonging. For me, this context extends to my environment, those who I am surrounded by, and most importantly, how culturally, socially, and emotionally I am welcomed, understood, and accepted. "Home," for me is almost synonymous with the context of "family."” - Zara Garcia-Alvarez, 2023

Throughout history finding a home in Peel has been exciting, overwhelming and at times, difficult. The importance of establishing connections to a place and people creates a sense of belonging and strengthens communities. This immersive exhibition will examine the ideas of finding home, community and belonging in Peel. Centering personal stories, the exhibition will create connections between the Peel of the past, today and future using dynamic images, video and objects.

Curated by Claire Bennett and PAMA’s exhibition project team.

“My Home is my mom!”

“Home is love.”

My Home is ... "scented candles and taco meat."

My Home is… “A place where I can express myself freely.”

Stories of Home