Lii Buflo: A Métis Way of Life

March 9 to August 25, 2024

Travelling exhibition from Elk Island National Park.

Lii Buflo - the Buffalo – are an integral part of Western Métis culture, heritage, and kin. The near extinction of the buffalo in the 19th century devasted this relationship. This exhibition uses colourful artwork by Métis artist Jesse Gouchey, to tell the story of the relationship between the Métis and the buffalo, and the buffalo conservation efforts of Elk Island National Park. Designed for people of all ages, you will be transported to this story of culture, resilience, and family.

This exhibit was developed in close partnership with the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert, and the Métis community from the Greater Edmonton Area.

“From those teachings, our Métis great grandmothers… our First Nations great grandmothers helped us to understand the importance of the bison and how it provided everything we needed,” – Celina Loyer, Indigenous programmer at St. Albert, Alberta’s Musée Héritage Museum, and advisory circle member on the exhibit.

Lii Buflo painting

Artwork by Métis artist Jesse Gouchey