REGALIA: Indigenous Pride

July 2 to October 30, 2022, Art Gallery

Photographer Roland Lorente and writer Aline Saffore travelled nearly 10,000 kilometres throughout Eastern Canada to attend over twenty powwows. The exhibition Regalia: Indigenous Pride is the result of their time spent photographing and interviewing dancers at each powwow.

Twenty-two vibrant photographs capture the movement and beauty of powwow dances and through personal stories, visitors hear directly from dancers about the significance of powwow and their regalia.

"We chose to focus on the magnificence of powwow regalia because each one encapsulates generations of skill and pride. Each piece tells a story of the cultural traditions, the unique personalities of the dancers, and the many hands that have worked on these pieces."

– Roland Lorente, photographer

Regalia:Indigenous Pride is complemented by a display of historic beadwork and works from the following Indigenous artists:


Derek Martin – Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River, Ontario
© Roland Lorente