Learning resources for Secondary students

Secondary school (Grades 9-12)

Conservation exploration (Grade 9, science; Grades 9-10, integrated arts)

Explore PAMA's online exhibit, Morphology with teaching resources including critical thinking questions and a hands-on/application of knowledge activity.

First World War: personal stories (Grade 10, Canada and world studies) 

Letters and photographs help to tell the personal stories of soldiers and their families during the First World War. PAMA's virtual exhibition Stories of Service and Sacrifice and primary sources from PAMA's archives will help students discover different points of view.  

Personal stories  (Grade 10, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit in Canada) 

What can we learn through personal stories? This Learning Resource for National Indigenous History Month uses PAMA's We Are Here exhibit videos to help students explore history through storytelling.

Visual history  (Grade 10, historical inquiry and skill development)

Archives Awareness week falls in April every year. This yearly celebration draws attention to the importance of archival institutions and the great work they do all year round. Explore how to analyze evidence using archival documents as clues. 

PAMA Spotlight: WWII  (Grade 10, Canada and world studies.)

Using PAMA's Ivan Melhuish war poster collection, students will explore issues of war seen on the home front. Ivan Melhuish is just one of the stories found in PAMA's virtual exhibit, Stories of Service and Sacrifice.

Government records (Grade 11, Canada and world studies)

Tying to the Canadian and World Studies Grade 11 law curriculum, the Government Records Resource Kit leads students through the Legal Inquiry Process. Using primary documents and resources to investigate issues and events from the past can help illustrate how society has changed over time. Archival government records show a community's history and the growth.