School program descriptions

We offer various types of programs onsite. We can also bring them to your school.

Programs at PAMA

My Museum tours

Names and Places in Peel (Grades 1-3)

The Peel Community has a rich history. Using clues from archival resources and Museum spaces, students will discover how primary sources held in our collections are important to understanding Peel's growth as a community. Students will have a first hand look at how preserving stories from our collections help us to uncover the history behind the names and places in Peel.

STEAM Powered (Grades 2-5) 

Come explore the science of movement with a kinetic sculpture-making experience. Students will be given the opportunity to make connections between the simple machines used by the early settlers in Peel and the creation of movable art.

Coming to Peel - Early Settlers (Grades 2-3)

Discover how early settlers lived by exploring various aspects of pioneer life. In our Peel Gallery, Face the Farmer exhibitions, students will see how settlers lived when they first came to Peel. Students will use a letter from PAMA's archives as primary source. This personal story of a young woman's journey to Peel will serve as a guide for the program. All activities will allow students to discuss and compare lives with those of pioneer children.

We Are Here (Grades 3, 5-8)

Students will learn about First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures through an engaging exhibition tour and hands-on experiences. Students will have the opportunity to explore our We Are Here exhibition and get to handle cultural objects.

My Gallery tours

The Elements (Kindergarten)

Shape, colour, texture, and lines! Introduce your students to the world of art in this play-based Art Gallery tour. Our elements program is a kindergarten friendly version of our First visit program.  

First Visit (Grades 1-4)

Introduce your students to art in an Art Gallery setting! PAMA's First Visit program is a great way to help guide younger viewers through the Critical Analysis Model when looking at art in our gallery.  The 2-hour program, divided between a gallery tour and a studio activity. The gallery tour is designed to be a fun learning experience incorporating activities that help students discuss the art. The studio activity will allow students to be creative and apply what they learn to create a portfolio that reflects different artistic styles.

Art SmART (Grades 5-8)

PAMA's Art SmART program is a great addition to any art lesson. Students will work on their interpretive skills by discussing all the elements and characteristics of a piece of art. Students will take the Critical Analysis Model and apply it to their discussions in order to gain a better understanding of art and the creative process.

Art SmART lasts two hours, split up into a gallery tour and a studio activity. The gallery tour is designed to be a fun learning experience incorporating activities that help older students discuss art. The studio activity allows students to express their identity and creativity. Students will design a "You Cube" using pastel and collage techniques.  

Art Studio Workshops

Art Studio Workshops are also a great way to enhance your tours. Come for a My Gallery or My Museum tour and stay for an Art Workshop.

Our Workshops have the potential to get messy. We advise students and volunteers to come prepared to get a little paint on them. Most materials will wash off, and all materials are non-toxic.

Expressive Lines (Kindergarten* to Grade 3)

The element of art is integral to all works of art. Students will create their own work of art using a variety of different lines created with various tools. This workshop will focus on art works from the PAMA collection so students can examine line use and apply principles to their own work. This program is perfect for younger grades to experiment and develop their own skills in art making. Students will also learn basic information about colour and how to apply it to their final piece.

*Kindergarten option available - Curriculum Link: Belonging and Contributing

Texture (Kindergarten* to Grade 3)

Learn the importance of texture in creating depth and tactile works of art. Students will use a variety of tools to create texture and the illusion of texture, drawing inspiration from the PAMA art collection. This program encourages younger grades to experiment and develop their own basic skills in art making. Students will also explore shape.       

*Kindergarten option available - Curriculum Link: Belonging and Contributing

Watercolours (Grades 4 to 8)

Students will learn various methods and techniques used by professional artists to create one technique/experiment sheet, and one final painting.

Printmaking (Grades 4 to 8)

Students will create one-of-a-kind works of art using simple printmaking techniques such as collagraphs and relief.

Clay (Grades 4 to 8)

Explore clay as a medium and learn basic slab techniques as students sculpt their own artwork. 

At your school

Let us bring our Art Studio Workshops directly to you!  We've carefully put our art workshops on wheels to bring the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives experience directly to your classroom. Choose from Expressive lines, Texture, Watercolours and Printmaking programs.

Hands-on Art Studio Workshops give students a studio experience to create one-of-a-kind art pieces.

To prepare for the workshop

The classroom would require the following arrangements to host a successful program:

  • Access to sinks
  • A maximum of 30 students can be in one classroom with one PAMA Educator; two classrooms will be required for additional students
  • Tables put into groups seating 5-6 students
  • Have tables covered with newsprint or paper to keep them clean
  • Teachers must be always present during the program
  • Provide assistance for room set up as Educators have lots of supplies